Venezia an old beauty who seems to sink into the ocean. Stunning in every sense. Emotional Italians who like to sell their food with wild gesticulations and a Swiss Bernese mountain dog in between.

When we decided to travel to Venezia, I browsed the internet to find information about traveling with a dog to Venezia. To my surprise, I found quite a lot information. All the feedbacks were like:

  • No parks for dogs to do their things
  • Italians do not appreciate dogs, and they will let you know
  • Too many tourists and to narrow alleys
  • The dog will not enjoy it at all


I can not confirm one single thing of what I read.

It´s true - you have to inform yourself before the trip. There are not many green places in Venezia, but there are.

We found two beautiful parks where Fletcher had a lot of fun doing his business, and he is quite picky.

Also that the Italians do not like dogs are not what we have experienced. Fletcher was the star for the locals as well as for the tourists. I think Fletcher is now famous all over the world, and I’m wondering on how many cameras a picture of Fletcher exist.

The only thing challenging for us – in public transportation wearing a muzzle for dogs is mandatory in Italy. They are going to ask you to make the dog wearing it. Fletcher is not used to a muzzle, but with some training before the trip it was fine.

We found a cute little Hotel called Agriturismo Ca’ Beatrice in Favaro. The hotel was affordable and without additional cost for dogs. The room was simple, clean and we had a door connected to the garden, which was perfect for Fletcher.

Because we were traveling with the dog, we decided to choice a hotel outside of Venezia.

The hotel offers a free shuttle bus to the closed by bus station, where you have all 15 minutes a bus directly to the city center of Venezia within 20 minutes.

When you decide to travel to Venezia, please be aware that Venezia takes all your money out of your pocket. 1 Day parking in Venezia cost up to 30 Euros, a half an hour gondola cost you 80 Euros, a day card for public transportation is 20 Euros.

But to be honest….

Venezia is every Euro worth!

Even the smell everyone complains about it, is part of the experience!

Please do not forget to plan an one day trip to visit the closed by island Murano and Burano. Beautiful!

To come to a conclusion to travel with a dog to Venezia or not. Fletcher was very relaxed and seems even to enjoy a romantic gondola ride with us.

Our pets are the happiest if they can stay with us. Wherever it is!