Cape Town / South Africa

Cape Town is for me the most beautiful city in the world. I love the architecture and the multicultural vibe. The beaches around Cape Town are breathtaking and invites you to chill at the Atlantic Ocean. Take your time to discover the Winelands to search for a good bottle of South African wine. Cape Town is a place I will go back anytime.

Sydney / Australia

Who is not dreaming of discovering Australia? Sydney is the greatest city on this big Island. I spend eight months in this amazing town, and I didn't want to leave. Ever since I visit Sydney several times. The scenery of the opera house with the harbor bridge in the back is unique in the world and reflect the modernity and variety of the City.

New York / USA

It is the Metropol whereas the whole world comes together. I Love to walk into this concrete jungle to get inspired of the various creative citizens living in this sparkling city. My favorite place in New York is the Meatpacking district with its modern and urban lifestyle. But also Brooklyn is always taking my attention and is worth a visit.

Istanbul / Turkey

I love to walk down the city streets of Istanbul, where you can find history on each corner, and I enjoy the sound of the prayers from their minarets. The city's cuisine is as diverse as its heritage. For dinner choice one of the numerous rooftop restaurant where you have a fantastic view overlooking the skyline accompanied by a breathtaking sunset.

Tel Aviv / Israel

Tel Aviv is also calling „White City“ trough its UNESCO listed Bauhaus-era Buildings which gives the city a unique scenery. I love to walk down to the historic port of Jaffa to enjoy a nice lunch or dinner at the wonderful flea market. The biggest attraction in Tel Aviv is the locals, go down to the beach, and I´m sure you will meet people immediately since the Israelis are very outgoing and sociable.

Paris / France

Paris is charming and is the city with the most iconic buildings. When I visit Paris, I don´t do any plans and let myself go with the time of the people and the city. I love to rent a bicycle since on the bike you see the city from a different perspective, and you can stop wherever you got inspired. Ones a year, Paris has to be on my travel plan.

Zürich / Switzerland

It´s my beloved hometown and one of the hippest destination in central Europe. Zürich is also called the world´s smallest metropolitan city and is perfect located meet by a river and lake. In summer time the Zürich Lake is crowded with young people enjoying swimming and sunbathing. Visit Zürich-West with its variety of world-class nightclubs and to see the latest contemporary trends.

London / England

London - what a great city with the familiar landmark as well the fantastic museums and galleries. This town has something for everyone. It is the perfect place for shopping on one of the several shopping streets. The choice of restaurants, bars and clubs are huge, and I enjoy partying with the locals.

Warsaw / Poland

So many time I have been to Warsaw and I never get bored. The City is always changing and every time I go there, a new cool restaurant or club just opened. What I love the most about Warsaw are the people living there, they are very open and like to socialize. Warsaw is definitely the coolest city in the eastern Europe countries.

Amsterdam / Netherlands

In Amsterdam, you can explore history as well as modern urban lifestyle. The Dutch houses of the seventeenth-century all around the canals are beautiful and gives the city a unique look. All the citizens of Amsterdam are on two wheels. Whether for work or meet a date for dinner. So watch out for bikes while browsing the streets of Amsterdam.