Africa 6


It´s hard to stand out in the airline business - Emirates defiantly does and achieved worldwide renown for its world class service. The planes are mainly new and in some of them, you have even stars on the ceiling at night. The seats are comfortable and spacious with enough legroom. Excellent cabin crew, friendly, attentive and happy to engage with the passengers.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines knows how to pamper their passenger and they do it with ease. They also serve great food and beverages, and somehow they were always around when I woke up after some sleep. The entertainment program is easy to use with lots of variety. After all one of the world's best Airlines.

Thai Airways

The crew of Thai Airways is extremely friendly, and I love the cute outfits of the flight attendants. The food in airplanes are rather difficult, but I enjoyed the meal at Thai Airways. The entertainment system is one area they need to work on, small screen, limited movies/tv shows. Anything else is just perfect.

Swiss International Airlines

One of my favorite and most booked Airlines is Swiss International Airline. Because I´m Swiss, I feel immediately at home when I hear a friendly „Gruezi“ from the crew when entering the cabin. I´m not a chocolate lover, but my personal highlight of every Swiss flight is the finest milk chocolate you receive at the end of the trip.

Cathay Pacific

I was flying Cathay Pacific for the first time in 2016 and was immediately impressed. Therefore Cathay Pacific jumped directly into my top 10 list. The flight attendants were very kind, polite and helpful. The possibility to go and get snacks during the flight at the rear of the plane was great; there were many things to choose.

Qatar Airways

This five-star airline is defiantly one of the best and is a member of one world global alliance. Generous seat in economy class with generous reclining space. The crew is professional and friendly, and the food is delicious. I also like to mention all the aircraft are relatively new and well maintained.

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines is famous for its great flight attendants. The attendants I have experienced on my last trip were the best I have encountered in a long time, on all the trips I took in the last few years. The food seemed rather sophisticated and quite tasty for airline food, and you eat with real, metal utensils.


On my last flight, our plane was equipped with the "KLM New Economy Class" which means that the seats are thinner than usual, and you will now have a touch screen with a brilliant entertainment system in front of your seat. Furthermore, you have much more legroom, for me an important criterion since I'm 188cm tall.

Air France

Air France is another great European airline, and I find the crew on most flights kind and professional. The premium economy seats are quite comfortable. I love the charming „French way“ of presenting the safety information, and the entertainment system is great. The food is tasty but in my opinion too little. On my last eleven hour flight arriving in Paris, I left the plane starving.

Etihad Airways

On this solid four-star airline, the cabin ambiance is very relaxing. A good selection of food and the portions are generous too. All cabin staff are very attentive and introduced themselves to the passengers by name. The aircraft are spotless and well maintained. Etihad Airways is on the best way to become a five-star airline.