I love Key West with its Caribbean flair. It is defiantly my most favorite sport in the United States of America. Rent a beautiful American convertible car and drive through the keys with the famous 7 miles bridge, giving you the feeling driving over the ocean. This ride is defiantly one the world most beautiful road trip. Read this post for things to do in Key West.

Drive through the keys with the famous 7 miles bridge

Arriving in Key West

In Key West, you have some parking garages or free parking spaces on the streets. It is just difficult to find them since they always occupied and I recommend you to check the parking space carefully. Some of the parking fields are just for the neighborhood or reserved. We luckily found one immediately. I walked around the car several times to ensure that this is a public parking and that all the car is in the field. You never know, we are in America, and there are many rules. Of course, I did something wrong – you will read about it later…

Browsing the streets of Key West

I love to browse up and down those beautiful streets with stores, bars and restaurants left and right. There is much going on on the streets of Key West. They also have a huge LGBT community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) and one night we were visiting with a Peruvian lady one of the famous drag queen shows. It was hilarious, and so much fun. The Peruvian woman was a bit shocked; then she never saw something like this before, and the lovely showgirls, of course, felt this and include her basically into the show. We were crying for laughing and defiantly the best night out on our Florida trip.

Visit one of the famous drag queen shows!

Things to do in Key West

When close to the ocean I feel to dive or kite surf. Since the water was not clear, I decided to kite surf. It is not common to kite surf in Key West; even they have good wind statistics. Nevertheless, there is a good man who started his business offering kite trips. There was just a kite student, and I and therefore, I had the ocean for myself. It was one of those magical moments and one of the best kite experience I had. I wanted to film the kite session to share it with you guys on my blog. So I bought an armrest to attach my GoPro camera for very cheap – and it was cheap! After 10 minutes it broke, and my GoPro camera lost in the ocean. If someone finds a GoPro between Key West and Cuba – It’s mine!

One of the best kite experience I had!

A visit at the police station

After three beautiful days at Key West – the most southern place in the USA – we were looking for our car to hiding back to Miami. We found a letter on our windshield from the police. I was surprised since I was pretty sure I parked correctly.

So we had to drive to the police station to pay the fine. I was curious why we have to pay this 30 dollars and the lovely lady at the police station told me that I park my car against the direction of traffic! What the fu… I never heard this before. I tried to put on my charming smile and opened my blue eyes to tell her we are tourists and if she could turn a blind eye because I did not know about this traffic rule. She turned to me and asked; Is it allowed to call while driving in Switzerland? I told her; of course not. She answered me; See, if I go to Switzerland I have to inform myself because in the USA this is allowed. Would then the police turn a blind eye on me?

If you decide to make a road trip through Florida, you defiantly have to visit charming Key West with its free spirit attitude and the beautiful conch house style architecture. Lay back and enjoy one of the most stunning sunsets in Key West!