The stunning Gorge du Verdon & Moustiers Saint-Marie

We were excited to reunite with our friends Yasmine and Paul while discovering the many wonders at base de l'Etolie that morning. We arrived at eleven am, the perfect time to begin renting boats, kayaks and canoes for exploring the greater Canyon, Gorge du Verdon.

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Yosemite Nationalpark / Guarded by El Capitan

The Yosemite National Park is one of the greatest natural wonders this planet has to offer. Massive granite rocks, playful waterfalls, giant sequoia trees and peaceful rivers flow down the valley.

Not to forget the proud El Capitan, the prominent rock with the vertical sloping face which seems to protect the animals and the visitors.

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camps bay

The stunning beaches of Cape Town / Where the International Fashion Models hang around

Cape Town has a stunning coastline with beaches to suit every mood and moment. Whether you are looking for a fancy beachside bar, deserted cove, swimming or surfing beaches or just a romantic spot for a sunset picnic. I´m sure you will find your place to forget everything around you.

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table view

Table Mountain, Cape Town / Hiking mother of Africa

The Table Mountain also known as the mother of Africa is lying in the heart of Cape Town and hides many surprises waiting to discover. Hike some of the numerous trails with spectacular views and feel the magic of this unique mountain.

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