Visit Miami - The paradise of huge butts and muscles

Miami is a fun city to visit. The most famous area of Miami is the South Beach and its Art Deco district. But not only South Beach is exciting to visit also Miami downtown is worth to check out. The city has a multicultural vibe, and it is entirely different than any other cities in the States. Through the influence of the immigrants from Cuba and other Latin-American countries, Spanish is next to English the most spoken language in Miami.

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Monaco City

Discover the glamorous principality of Monaco

Monaco is an enigma, being the second smallest country in the world and yet the densest in population. It is primarily governed by a constitutional monarchy, having Prince Alber II as the official head of state. His father was Rainer III, who ruled until 2005. This famous ruler of Monaco married the American actress Grace Kelly; the event was televised on April 19, 1956, and still remains one of the most remembered events ever covered by the worldwide media.

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Gordes in the September summer time.

Gordes is built on the foothills of the Monts of Vaucluse, facing the Luberon plains. It´s classified as Plus beaux villages de France, one of the most beautiful cities in France. Its houses and buildings of white and gray stone are builds into the cliff of the mountain, its labyrinth of "calades" (narrow cobblestone streets) do not leave the visitor indifferent to its charms.

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Lima / My second home

Lima, the capital of Peru, overlooking the Pacific ocean. An urban city with a lot of cultures and the world famous Peruvian food. I love to drive with the combis around Lima to feel the bustling city life. Because of my beloved Peruvian family, I found my second home in Lima.

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table view

Table Mountain, Cape Town / Hiking mother of Africa

The Table Mountain also known as the mother of Africa is lying in the heart of Cape Town and hides many surprises waiting to discover. Hike some of the numerous trails with spectacular views and feel the magic of this unique mountain.

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Venezia / Traveling with dog

Venezia an old beauty who seems to sink into the ocean. Stunning in every sense. Emotional Italians who like to sell their food with wild gesticulations and a Swiss Bernese mountain dog in between.

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