Camping Cote d´Azur, guide through the south of France

I love going camping with a caravan; there is nothing else like it. To have the freedom to drive and stop anywhere you want is amazing. It lets you experience every destination from a completely new and different perspective. You can get closer to nature and the local people, allowing more insight into the cultural changes as you drive through each country. In fact, everything you need for your journey is right there within your caravan, and it spares the hassle of dragging along a suitcase.

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The stunning Gorge du Verdon & Moustiers Saint-Marie

We were excited to reunite with our friends Yasmine and Paul while discovering the many wonders at base de l'Etolie that morning. We arrived at eleven am, the perfect time to begin renting boats, kayaks and canoes for exploring the greater Canyon, Gorge du Verdon.

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salar de uyuni

Salar de Uyuni / Knocking on heavens door

Visiting the salt flats of Bolivia is an unreal experience you will never forget. The so called White gold – as far as the eyes can see. When you are traveling in the winter months, the chances are high to see famous mirror, and you will experience the highway to heaven!

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Yosemite Nationalpark / Guarded by El Capitan

The Yosemite National Park is one of the greatest natural wonders this planet has to offer. Massive granite rocks, playful waterfalls, giant sequoia trees and peaceful rivers flow down the valley.

Not to forget the proud El Capitan, the prominent rock with the vertical sloping face which seems to protect the animals and the visitors.

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The Winelands of Cape Town / Tast it

The Cape Winelands region is the source of many legendary South African Cap wines. Surrounded by its typical Cape-Dutch homesteads and proud Mountains. Pictures vineyards, breathtaking sceneries, and warm hospitality everywhere you go.

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