Camping Cote d´Azur, guide through the south of France

I love going camping with a caravan; there is nothing else like it. To have the freedom to drive and stop anywhere you want is amazing. It lets you experience every destination from a completely new and different perspective. You can get closer to nature and the local people, allowing more insight into the cultural changes as you drive through each country. In fact, everything you need for your journey is right there within your caravan, and it spares the hassle of dragging along a suitcase.

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St Tropez

Welcome to St Tropez & The Wedding

The location of St Tropez is ideal. It is located at the Cote Azur and has a reputation for being a celebrity hang, especially for those trying to become somebody. It was a favorite place of Brigitte Bardot, the glamorous sex symbols of the fifties. You can still feel that era's presence in St. Tropez. Today it is a popular site for getting married, which is what our friends have gathered us here to do and witness with them.

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The stunning Gorge du Verdon & Moustiers Saint-Marie

We were excited to reunite with our friends Yasmine and Paul while discovering the many wonders at base de l'Etolie that morning. We arrived at eleven am, the perfect time to begin renting boats, kayaks and canoes for exploring the greater Canyon, Gorge du Verdon.

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Gordes in the September summer time.

Gordes is built on the foothills of the Monts of Vaucluse, facing the Luberon plains. It´s classified as Plus beaux villages de France, one of the most beautiful cities in France. Its houses and buildings of white and gray stone are builds into the cliff of the mountain, its labyrinth of "calades" (narrow cobblestone streets) do not leave the visitor indifferent to its charms.

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Warsaw / Always changing

Warsaw is one of my favorite city in Europe, a city which is always changing. It's the people living in Warsaw who make this city so unique and exciting. On the streets of Warsaw, you feel a vibe like nowhere else. Enjoy a dinner in one of the numerous delicious restaurants and get lost at the bustling nightlife.

Warsaw is an all-year experience.

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Venezia / Traveling with dog

Venezia an old beauty who seems to sink into the ocean. Stunning in every sense. Emotional Italians who like to sell their food with wild gesticulations and a Swiss Bernese mountain dog in between.

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