The location of St Tropez is ideal. It is located at the Cote Azur and has a reputation for being a celebrity hang, especially for those trying to become somebody. It was a favorite place of Brigitte Bardot, the glamorous sex symbols of the fifties. You can still feel that era’s presence in St. Tropez. Today it is a popular site for getting married, which is what our friends have gathered us here to do and witness with them.

We had settled in at the Grimaud camp site; preparations began for our friend’s big day. We asked the reception to organize a taxi to the location of the wedding. The lovely guy at the reception told us it cost 50 euros to travel one way. We asked if the wedding location was so far away from the campsite:

“No,” he said. “Only 6 minutes away. Welcome to St Tropez.“

The wedding location Pearl Beach St Tropez

The wedding location was breathtaking. The restaurant where it was held, was called Pearl Beach St Tropez. Their décor was beautiful with an inner courtyard covered by palm trees, which is where the ceremony would happen. The restaurant section had a big glass façade overlooking out toward the beach.

The wedding was planned with a perfect mixed crowd of international guests, friends and family. The groom was from Luxembourg, while the bride hailed from Slovakia. A number of Swiss bankers from the financial world were in attendance since both working in the finance industry.

After meeting and greeting with guests and the groom, the bride was ready to arrive. We were standing in front of the locations significant entrance to welcome the bride. She rode up in a traditionally decorated car, and I was stunned by her beauty. She just looked so pretty with her beautiful long wedding dress, and she was smiling just like a princess.

I don’t tend to get emotional, but two people taking their vows brought me almost to tears. The ceremony was so lovely, just like the couple in their harmony standing there together.

After the delightful ceremony, the dinner and festivities at the beach front restaurant commenced. The restaurant was tasteful in décor, with nothing wanting or desired. The food was fantastic. Since I prefer red meat to fish, I was offered the vegetarian plate. I never knew that vegetarian cuisine could be so flavorful. Anyone with an evening to dine in St Tropez should make reservations at the Pearl Beach restaurant.

The highlight for me had to be the party on the beach. After finishing dinner, we cast off our shoes and danced the night away. I enjoyed exchanging small talk with the bride’s parents from Slovakia, a favorite place of mine in Eastern Europe. Other guests and I also spent time mixing and mingling.

After such a beautiful wedding, we went home and slept till dawn.

The following day, we were invited by the newlyweds to have brunch at the prestigious Key West beach club in Pampelonne. Many guests from the night before were there for brunch, including our lovable doggy Fletcher which was enjoying his first beach club experience at St Tropez. He loves the beach, and he even loves more to get pet by everyone.

It was a stunning place, and all the beautiful girls were sunbathing topless. I decided to take some pictures of the site for my blog. As I made my way around, taking 360-degree pictures, I got lost in the scenery. Until I was brought back to reality, by the high pitched screams of 3 young St Tropez girls on a tanning bed, crying for me to stop filming them. The topless woman looked through me like a pervert, covering herself and turning her breast away from me.

Girls – If you read this posts, please apologize, it was never my intention to picture you topless, I just enjoyed the view – of course, the one of the location. It was a hilarious moment.

Fletcher enjoying his first beach club experiance

After this had happened, I decided to get a drink and have a smoke. So I went to the bar, ordered some Marlboros. I said, “Marlboros please.”

It got no reply. The guy working behind the counter did not seem to speak or respond to even my basic English. He just threw the pack of Marlboros at me and said something in French; I thought it might be the price. Although between my poor grades in the language back in school and the grumpy guy’s poor pronunciation, who could be sure?
So I laid 5 euros on the bar, he then shook his head and wanted more money. I laid down 5 more euros, which caused him to twist his eyes and speak English briefly, “They cost 12 euros.”
I say, “OK .” And paid 2 more euros, which ended up being the most expensive cigarettes I have ever purchased, but I enjoyed every drag that much more.

Even with some language barriers, my remaining time at the Key West beach club was worth every euro. Nothing beats good friends and good times at the beach.

Key West Beach Club - the perfect place to enjoy with friends

St Tropez has a cute old town, beautiful beaches, and fabulous restaurants. Everyone should experience ones the glamor of this famous city. But in my opinion, there are places more beautiful where you get more value for your money. But we had a fantastic time, and I would never like to miss it.