Orlando is the mecca of the best theme parks in the world. If you like to experience some of the greatest and the newest rides, you have to go there.

You can make a choice between the classic Disney World Parks, or if you are interested in movies, you defiantly have to visit Universal Studios. Also, Sea Wold is placed in Orlando and has much more to offer than just killer whale shows.

Orlando is the mecca of the best theme parks in the world

Plan your trip to Orlando

When we planned our trip to America, we have booked the tickets to all the theme parks in advanced, since it is cheaper and you do not have to wait in lines in front of the cash desks. We have booked our tickets at attraction-tickets-direct, but please note to do so about four weeks in advance so that the company has the possibility to send you the tickets home.

Disney World Orlando has a great fast pass system, without any additional cost. Book your favorite Disney rides already at home prior your visit. You can make a choice which time you like to do the ride, and this keeps you away from waiting in the famous huge lines at Disney World. I highly recommend you to reserve one of the newest rides Seven Dwarfs Mine Train; there is always a large waiting line.

The best theme parks at Orlando

Nr. 1 Universal Studios Island of Adventure
Nr. 2 Disney World Magic Mountain
Nr. 3 Universal Studios
Nr. 4 Disney’s Hollywood Studios
Nr. 5 Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park
Nr. 6 Sea World Orlando
Nr. 7 Disney´s Epcot

Universal Studios Resort

Universal Studios has two parks right next to each other. The classic Universal Studios and Universal Studios Island of Adventure. Island of Adventure is one of the best theme Parks I ever visit. The high-tech 4D coasters are just mind blowing. If you are a big fan of Harry Potter, you will be stunned by the rides in this themed area. Just this summer and other great experience opened. Skull Island: Reign of Kong.

What I recommend you is to buy a hoping ticket for Universal Studios, then you can change the parks as much as you want. If you like to see everything you need at least 2-3 days.

If you like Horror movies, you have to visit the Horror Nights at Universal Studios Island of Adventure in October for Halloween. The park opens at night with many scary rides just designed for this particular month. Almost the whole park was covered in fog, that you could not see the monster running after you. I would never go again. Not because it was not good, but I scared the hell out of me. They run after you with chainsaw and ax, and the makeup of those monsters was looking so real and scary. Luckily we meet some lovely and tough Lesbians, which we had a great time with and they we’re protecting us. After we had left the park, I was a nerve rack. I’m still scared when I think back this night.

Universal Studios Horror Nights - I scared the hell out of me

Disney World Resort

My partner and I traveled with his aunt from Peru. She loves Disney movies, so that’s why we went with her to Disney World. I would never have booked tickets for Disney World since I´m more into thrilling roller coasters, which you cannot find as much at Disney World. But to my surprise I loved it. The park designed with so much love and details and also the kids ride where stunning. So the Peruvian aunt felt 16 again when we visit Disney World, and this was the goal of it, to be for ones a child again.

Sea World Resort

We also have visit Sea World even I´m not a big fan of the animal shows since I think it can´t be good for those giant whales to be in such small pools – they meant to be in the ocean. But Sea Wold also has some great roller coaster which I enjoyed a lot. Still, because of my beliefs, I would not visit Seas World again. But I think everyone has to choice for them self what they can accept or not.

Orlando is the best place for your family holidays since there is so much to do for the youngster as well for the adults. It is defiantly not the last time I have been in Orlando.