We were excited to reunite with our friends Yasmine and Paul while discovering the many wonders at base de l’Etolie that morning. We arrived at eleven am, the perfect time to begin renting boats, kayaks and canoes for exploring the greater Canyon, Gorge du Verdon.

We opted for canoes, to get a workout after the preceding days of drinking and good foods.
At the rental station, many people were in line waiting for their turn. Luckily most were from the same group, so the wait wasn’t long. I was glad we arrived early, as the rentals were limited.

Once in our canoes, we went underneath the bridge and entered the gorge. The entrance of the Gorge du Verdon is most impressive, coming from the Saint Croix lake between the massive cliffs, the wind chill factor rises. Flora and fauna were astonishing. The gorge itself wasn’t discovered until the first of the century but has become a tourist attraction since.

We started a competition between Luxembourg and Switzerland, but we had no chance against our competitors. Except in the water battle, where we could hold our own easily. There was no stopping to take pictures or GoPro videos, and after an hour paddling, we arrived back at the rental station exhausted.

Our friend Paul knows all the best local restaurants since he was a student in the region. He made a reservation at a typically French restaurant by the name of Ferme Ste Cecile. We all choose the gourmet menu with many different options and samples of the cuisine.

The food was good, but French cuisine has never been my personal favorite. For the main dish, I got some bird legs with horseradish ice cream on top and together with the dessert we got kind of a pipette with indefinable liquid to press inside the cake. Nevertheless much more important for me was to spend time with our friends and to have interesting talks.

Walk up to the Notre-Dame de Beauvoir chapel for a stunning view!

After our lunch, we took a walk through the beautiful village of Moustiers Saint Marie. The site is exceptional and quite amazing to see. Moustiers is set in a semi-circle of rocky cliffs, two peaks at either end of the cliff are linked together by an iron chain to which was hooked a star and between a cute local church.

It was one of those great and relaxing summer evenings walks through an incredible and peaceful site. It was time to say good to our friends since we wanted to reach the city of Grasse the same night.

Gorge du Verdon is one of those places you have to see ones in your life. It was for me defiantly the highlight of our tour through the south of France, this also because of the fantastic company of our friends from Luxemburg. So Yasmine and Paul thank you for a great time.

Camping close to Gorge du Verdon: Camping Domaine du Petit Lac / If not camping, recommended Hotels: La Bastide De Moustiers / Restaurants: Ferme Ste Cecile / Things to do within 10km from Moustiers Saint Marie: boat, kayaking, canoeing rental base de l`Etoile, Pont de l’Artuby – one of the highest bungee site in Europe, hiking, paragliding, white water rafting, canyoning